Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Locus Affiliates?
    Locus Affiliates is the affiliate program that rewards you for promoting Locus Gaming’s
    brands. We are licensed and regulated under the Isle of Man’s Gambling Supervision
    Commission and can operate in a large number of countries. We specialise in innovative
    mobile and tablet gaming offering and have plenty of table games, slots and other casino
    classics providing a slick, smooth and smart gaming experience
  2. What brands can I promote?
    You will be able to promote our Jack Gold Casino room. Offering plenty of casino games on a
    slick interface that offers a unique gaming experience on tablets and mobile devices with no
    download needed!
  3. What markets can an affiliate target?
    We offer a wide variety of creative in GBP, AUD, CAD and ZAR. We are able to offer other creatives if needed
  4. How do I become an affiliate?
    It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Just signup here, download our banners and start earning on the traffic
    you refer to our brands
  5. How do you track my referred players?
    Every time a visitor clicks on one of our banners on your site, we drop a cookie onto his
    machine and use that file to attribute the player’s activity to your affiliate account and
    calculate your commissions. We operate a “last click” attribution rule and our cookies expire
    90 days after the last time the user visited our site by clicking on a banner with your tracking
  6. Where do I get the banners?
    Once you have registered as a Locus Affiliate, you will be able to login to the site and choose
    from a variety of banners and images to promote our brands. You will be able to select the
    creative, the format and size you prefer and the code that is generated will have the tracking
    embedded to it so that you don’t have to worry about your commissions as we will do all the
    hard work and provide you with reports that update on a daily basis.
    If you are into co-branded landing pages, any other materials or need banners in other sizes,
    feel free to drop us a line
  7. Can I see my players’ stats?
    Yes, you will be able to see your players’ activity. Starting from impressions (banner views),
    clicks, registrations, deposits and amounts staked as well as their contribution to your
    commission (Net Gaming Revenue)
  8. What sites does Locus Affiliates accept?
    We do review all applications to our affiliate program and accept most websites. The only
    contents we will not accept to be associated with are those aimed to children or promoting
    discrimination on any ground and illegal activities. For more details, you can refer to our terms
    and conditions here
  9. Are there any restricted territories?
    Due to the current regulations on remote gambling and gaming and the licences we hold, we
    will not accept player registrations from the countries listed in our terms and conditions
  10. What commissions do you pay?
    We offer very competitive net revenue (NGR) shares based on the number of new first time
    depositors you deliver each month. You will earn a percentage of the revenue generated by
    your referred players as long as they are active on our casino rooms with no time limit! If you
    want to look at the details just click here.We also offer CPA payment plans and if you are interested in that option, get in touch with us
    to discuss it
  11. How do you calculate NGR (Net gaming Revenue)?
    We define NGR as: Gross Win – Admin Costs. Gross Win is the difference between customer
    stakes and their winnings while admin costs include payment-processing fees, bonuses and
    free credits, gifts and fraudulent transactions
  12. Is there a minimum amount to request a pay-out?
    Yes, there is a minimum payout which is currently set at GBP 50 in any one month
  13. How do I get paid?
    You can choose to get paid by skrill/moneybookers, neteller, bank transfer or cheque. You will
    be able to choose your payment method at registration and can always change it afterwards
  14. Can I have sub-affiliates?
    Yes, we do allow for multi-tier deals and if you want to discuss getting a commission for
    referring other webmasters, just get in touch with us
  15. Does my tax status affect payments? Do I need to send an invoice?
    No, you do not need to send us an invoice. You are responsible for paying taxes on your
    earnings according to the jurisdiction you live in
  16. Do negative commissions set against positives?
    No. If a month ends in a negative gaming revenue we will automatically reset that to 0 at
    the start of next month. The only exception is when a negative revenue is due to fraudulent
    activities, but we will get in touch to discuss this with you may that be the case