Online Casino Match Bonus – Best Guide July 2024

As an online casino enthusiast, one of the yardsticks used to determine which gambling platform to choose are the bonus packages on offer. Online casinos provide a range of these packages to attract patronage. Usually bonuses include:online casino match bonus guide

  • Sign-up
  • No deposit
  • Match bonus
  • Cashback
  • Free spin
  • Referral
  • Loyalty
  • High Roller bonus

The focus of this article is on the Match Bonus package. We will attempt to outline all the necessary information as concerns this kind of bonus offered by online casinos. In case of thirst for deep knowledge of this bonus type, you can visit

Meaning And Types of Match Bonus

Match bonus is one of the bonus packages on offer by many online casinos. The main idea of this bonus that the player is rewarded with a percentage of the deposit made when opening a gaming account. In a sense, the casino is “matching” the player’s deposit. It is one of the creative ways gambling platforms use in attracting more customers.

When a player makes the first deposit after opening an account, the online casino gives a bonus that amounts to a certain percentage of the deposit amount. Thus, the player begins with an amount significantly higher than the original deposit made.

There are many different deposit match percentages on offer by online casinos. These percentages usually range from 20% to about 400% of the initial deposit amount. Some online casinos even offer promotional match bonuses that are as high as 1,000% for a limited time only. It is also common to see special match bonus offers for specific days of the week.

To understand how match bonus works, consider the following example. Let us assume an online casino offers a 50% match bonus upon sign up and a player makes an initial deposit of $60. The total amount credited to the players account will be as follows:

Initial deposit $60
50% Match Bonus $30
Total amount credited to Player’s account $90

Claiming The Offer

To claim the Match Bonus offer, the player must register with an online casino of choice. He or she must have embarked on a thorough research of the various options available and chosen one which offers a suitable bonus package.

Upon registration, some casinos generate a code to be used by the player in claiming the bonus reward. This code may be generated on the site and displayed for the player to copy and paste in a specified field when making the first deposit or it may be sent via email or text message. Once this code is entered while making the deposit, the bonus reward is activated.

guide to online casinos match bonusThe promo codes may also be available on certain websites where the online casinos has placed a targeted advertisement. Clicking on the code will usually direct a player to the sign-up page. For many web casinos, it is common practice to offer match bonus and free spins together. Some of them even give match bonus on the first few deposits made by the player, up to a certain amount.

Most casinos that offer this repeated bonus package usually reduce the percentage on offer for subsequent deposits. So if the Casino originally offers say 50% for the first deposit, it may reduce the bonus percentage to a lower amount like 30% or 20% and this percentage may even decrease until no more bonuses are offered upon deposit.

Match Bonus Terms And Conditions

Match bonus is basically free money and as such online casinos have a few terms and conditions (T&Cs) put in place to forestall bonus fraud and sundry losses. The most common of these terms and condition is the maximum allowable bonus limit. This limit can be $100, $200 or even $300 depending on the casino; this means that they will not offer any percentage bonus on a deposit amount exceeding the maximum allowable limit.

This is usually to prevent high rollers from taking undue advantage of the bonus to obtain larger bankrolls. When a player makes a deposit that is larger than the maximum limit stipulated, the bonus is only offered up to that maximum amount. Using the previous example, assume the maximum allowable bonus limit of the casino is $300. If a player makes a deposit of $400, the bonus on the deposit will be computed as follows:

Initial deposit $400
50% Match Bonus $150
Total amount credited to bankroll $550

As can be seen in the example above, the bonus only applied to the $300 limit and not the full deposit amount of $400. The total value of the player’s bankroll is $550.

Wagering Requirements

There are a few wagering requirements set up for the match bonus offering by online casinos. These requirements as stated in the T&Cs must be carefully studied and understood. They are usually stated on the website of the casino and may also be sent via email to the Player upon casino match bonus wagering requirements

For some casinos, the match bonus package can only be used as a wager for certain games. This information will generally be available in the T&Cs page on the casino’s website. Before using the bonus money on a game, check to see if the game falls under the eligibility criteria set out for the bonus.

Another wagering requirement of most online Casinos involves the threshold usage value of the bonus that must be met before winnings can be withdrawn. For some, the bonus must be used a certain number of times, while for others, a stipulated percentage of the bonus should be used in games before earnings can be withdrawn.

There are some casinos that include the original deposit amount as part of the consideration for play-through requirements. Thus, until the deposit and bonus amount are played a specified number of times, or a certain percentage of both are used, earnings cannot be withdrawn.

Minimal Deposit & Maximum Cash Out

Most online casinos require a minimum deposit amount before a player can access the match bonus offering. This amount is the least sum of money that can be deposited by the player before the bonus will be applicable. Minimum deposit amount usually starts at $20 for but there are a few gambling platforms that have minimum deposit amount of as high as $100. Whatever the amount may be, it is usually stated in the T&Cs of the bonus package on the casino’s website.

online casino match bonus min and max cash out A lot of casinos also have a maximum cash out rule in place for the match bonus amount. While this is common for the no deposit bonus, it is not uncommon for some casinos to stipulate this same rule for their match bonus package.

This rule specifies a maximum allowable amount that can be withdrawn from a player’s winnings. This acts as a sort of withdrawal limit put in place by the platform. This maximum cash out amount can only be withdrawn after the wagering requirements have been fulfilled.

The maximum cash out amount varies with each casino. The usual range is from $300 to $1,000. Some offer maximum allowable cash out amount of as high as $5000. Due to fierce competition among online casinos for patronage, some have begun to offer natch bonus package with no maximum cash out rule. It is usually stylized as “Match Bonus – No Cash Out”.

Games Acceptability

When online casinos offer match bonus to players, the games that can be played with the bonus are always clearly stated. This information is usually given in the T&Cs for the bonus.
Depending on the gambling platform, a few or most of the catalog of games on offer can be played using the match bonus. Some casinos have even been known to allow players use the match bonus on all the games on offer. This is probably a means to attract more patronage.

Some of the games allowed by most casinos for match bonus are slots, keno, video poker, roulette, craps, scratch cards, bingo, and blackjack. It is important to note that attempting to use the bonus amount to play a game not covered by the offer may result in some type of penalty. This can be in the form of suspension or even termination of your casino account.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Online Casino Match Bonus

Having examined the match bonus package offering at online casinos, it is important to present some of its pros and cons.

pros and cons of online casino match bonusPros:

  • It is an excellent way to maximize the deposit value when opening an Online Casino account.
  • It provides additional funds to play more games.
  • This increased deposit value and additional funds enable the player to have a higher probability of earning greater value cash out.
  • Match bonus is a useful way to test and try out different casino options. Players can make use of the bonus to try out the casino and see if they like the experience. In this way, they can better decide and settle on a preferred gaming operator.
  • It also provides the possibility of risk-free winnings. match bonus is essentially free money, so whatever is won with it is basically credit free.


  • Match bonus come with some very stringent requirements and these must be understood completely to prevent suspension/termination of account or forfeiture of winnings.
  • Wagering requirements usually result in low/loss of winnings. Threshold usage values introduced by casinos for bonus rewards usually have a detrimental effect on earning potential.
  • Not all games can be played with the bonus. Most casinos only allow games in which the house has an overwhelming advantage such as slots and roulette.
  • Another downside is the maximum withdrawal limit stipulated by most gambling platforms.